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Dashlane’s “Worst Password Offenders” List Underlines Continued Need for Strong Authentication

The credential management company (and FIDO Alliance member) Dashlane is once again calling attention to bad password practices with the release of its fourth annual “Worst Password Offenders” list. The list identifies individuals and organizations that made particularly high-profile password mistakes at some point in 2019.

The 5 biggest data hacks of 2019

Hackers have accessed over 7.9 billion consumer records so far this year, with experts predicting that over 8.5 billion accounts will be exposed by the end of the year.

The biggest password flubs of 2019, from Facebook's stolen hard drives to Lisa Kudrow's Instagram

The vast majority of breaches are due to human error. To commemorate some of the most egregious cybersecurity errors of the past year, the password manager Dashlane published a list on Tuesday of 2019's "worst password offenders."

GEEK TIP - How to protect your digital life with a password manager

On paper, everything is clear: to guarantee the security of your data and your online accounts, each of them must be assigned a complex, and above all unique, password. In practice, with dozens of different accounts to manage, the majority of Internet users admit to using the same password, or a variation of it, on the sites where they connect. A heresy in terms of security, but how else? For several years now, solutions have existed: first with browsers that know how to save your passwords, but above all with dedicated software, on computer as on mobile: password managers.

Protecting Your Identity Online with Emmanuel Schalit, CEO of Dashlane

Emmanuel Schlit is CEO of Dashlane, the safe and simple way to store all of your passwords in one place. With over 12 million users and a recently finalized Series D round, Dashlane is growing faster than ever and well on the way to their next goal of 100 million users. (At which point, Emmanuel may or may not get a tattoo, a promise he made to the hardworking employees of Dashlane.)

World’s First Blockchain-Powered Password Manager Software Launched, Created By DigiByte

Blockchain-based identification is a booming segment, which has witnessed a large number of small and big names fighting for their share in the market. Right from online browser Opera, to giants like Samsung and General motors. However, this is the first blockchain-based password manager based on this innovative tech. The new password manager is christened Digi-ID/AntumID DigiPassword Advanced.

The Best Password Managers

Everyone should be using a password manager. It’s the most important thing you can do—alongside two-factor authentication—to keep your data safe. We’ve evaluated dozens of paid and free password managers and tested four, and we think 1Password offers the best combination of features, compatibility, security, and ease of use. You don’t have to pay for a good password manager, but if you can, 1Password is worth the $36 per year.


.. passwords are the primary cause of data breaches for businesses, accounting for 81 percent of breaches in 2018. As a result, more enterprises are making security best practices a top priority. 1Password, which began targeting its offering to consumers, moved into a B2B play in recent years, and now sees itself as the actionable face of what to do in the case of a data breach.

17 Apps Tech Pros Love (That You Will Too)

The Dashlane password manager is extremely useful to me on a daily basis. The app syncs across devices, keeping the myriad of passwords I use in one secure and encrypted place. You can also keep secure notes, receipts and credit card info in this app and set up sharing for select passwords and notes with others. All in all, it’s a very powerful app that I depend on extensively. - William McSorley, Monarch Alternative Capital LP

Password Manager Firms Blast Back at ‘Leaky Password’ Revelations

1Password, Dashlane, KeePass and LastPass each downplay what researchers say is a flaw in how the utilities manage memory

You happily share passwords for Netflix, HBO and more, despite risks

Most of you probably won't admit to this unsafe behavior, but plenty of you say you would do it.

This high-risk activity so many of you are eager to try: sharing your password.

Here’s how to wrangle your passwords without going crazy

The list of online breaches marches on. You can’t prevent corporations from bungling security and leaking your data. But taking extra care with your logins can minimize the damage. Some best practices are obvious: For instance, you shouldn’t use the same username and password for multiple sites, lest hackers who break into one account can access others. And if you don’t store information–such as credit card numbers–in the first place, it can’t be breached.


Password Checkup” isn’t a password manager but a simple tool that warns you if you’re using a password that’s been exposed in data breaches

The Best Mac Apps


Alongside Keeper, Dashlane is one of PCMag's two Editors' Choice password managers. On the Mac, it's available from the Dashlane websiteor the Mac App Store. Store passwords and personal information, encrypt sensitive documents, auto-fill information, and generate passwords.

LastPass vs Dashlane vs 1Password vs Bitwarden

If you want the best free password manager, you should choose LastPass or Bitwarden.
If you want something that’s more than just a password manager, you should choose Dashlane.
If you want something that’s a one-time purchase, you should choose 1Password

LastPass increases price of Premium plan again

LastPass increased the price of the Premium plan of its password management service in February 2019; this time to $3 per month for a Premium plan, an increase by $1 per month.

LastPass is the maker of a popular password management service. Free and paid versions of LastPass are available, and Home users may upgrade accounts to a Premium or Family plans.

Dashlane Review

If you want the best free password manager, you should choose LastPass or Bitwarden.
If you want something that’s more than just a password manager, you should choose Dashlane.
If you want something that’s a one-time purchase, you should choose 1Password

Why Reused Passwords Could Put Your Tax Information At Risk

In February, TurboTax maker Intuit discovered that a number of user accounts had been breached. While it was not a breach of Intuit’s systems, it was a result of credential stuffing where hackers used old, stolen login credentials to access other accounts. Credential stuffing is only effective if someone uses the same password to secure multiple accounts.